Doody by Aaron and Caitlin.

Aaron Hickland’s solo performance in Doody delves into the mind of a self-entitled, privileged, toxic male with a dangerous distorted high opinion of how others see him in the outside world.

The performance starts with Niall Care pretending that he is in front of an audience of fans as he delivers his acceptance speech for being a “star” descending into the story of where his path to stardom began.

His Mum filmed him throughout his childhood praising him for every slightest thing. As he explains he might have been only playing with his transformers. She told him time and again he would be a famous star one day.

Cast to perform as Danny in the school production of Grease he describes one of his co-stars, Jenny, as “Cosmetically Challenged” and explains how he was doing her a favour when he started sleeping with her regularly. Of course, she was grateful for his attention!

Care’s blatant misogynistic behaviour spirals deeper out of control as the years pass and he faces one personal rejection after another. You only need to look at the picture gallery behind to understand how it has affected him. On the surface, though his attitude remains assertive and vain.

Doody isn’t comfortable to watch and it could easily be triggering to some audience members. Cares character evokes an array of emotions ranging from disgust, uncomfortable to a small amount of pity.

Writer and director Caitlin Magnall-Kerans have brilliantly captured the disturbing mindset of a vain, obnoxious, self-entitled male chauvinist who is well versed in victim-blaming.

The subject matter is extremely uncomfortable at times however it is written with such accuracy that I thoroughly recommend taking half an hour out and watching it. Please use the link below for further information.

Four Stars.


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