Love Roulette by Production Line

Imagine Blind Date meets speed dating and add a surreal twist to it and you have found yourself in the world of Love Roulette written by Claire Wood and directed by Ross Hope.

The game begins with viewers being introduced to the five contestants who have signed up to find “love”. The viewers comment and score each of the potential matches out of ten after watching the pair chat for four minutes.

As the chat develops darker sides of some of the contestants appear which at times felt rather unsettling and this can be openly discussed on the live chat feed which is open for all to read and it was quite descriptive too.

Although the concept of the game might not be very original. As it has been written and produced for a live zoom platform experience it allows for it to be spontaneous and uncensored which at times was hilarious.

It is entertaining and funny at times and with the viewer’s participation throughout the performance each show is going to be slightly different from the one before. Each performance lasts for just over an hour and a half which means it doesn’t feel like it has been rushed through.

Four Stars.

Performances are 13, 14, 18, 19 & 20 February at 8pm
Tickets are free and are available from

Although the tickets for each performance are free Production Lines has asked for its viewers to consider donating Acting for Others, which provides financial and emotional support to theatre workers in times of need through its 14 member charities. 


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