Strangers by Nick Card.

Written and directed by Nick Card “Strangers” is a dark and slightly twisted tale. Which see two Strangers who meet by chance in a pub and due to circumstances beyond their control neither of their worlds can ever be quite the same again.

When Jess (Emily Browne) meets Gary (Steve Schollar) she is at the end of her tether and desperately upset. Jess owes her landlord £150 in rent to stop her from being evicted we soon learn this is the tip of her financial problems. With all avenues exhausted, she believes that all she has left to sell is herself. However, Gary reluctance is overruled by his desire to help a damsel in distress.

With the idea of six degrees of separation in action which means that we are never more than six social connections away from knowing each other. Add into this the theory that we meet everyone for a reason. Then the foundations are perfectly created for Strangers.

The performance works very well using the zoom platform. The public house background noise allows a sense of authenticity for where the couples chance encounter takes place. Camera positioning has been precisely worked out on the occasions that the couple pass things to each other.

From a reviewers perspective, this production could easily be spoilt by giving away too many important details and divulging too many spoilers. Therefore instead I would urge you to watch this at the Online Space season 2 to find out for yourself what takes place between Jess and Gary.

4 stars.



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