Stranded by Marcia Kelson.

Stranded by Marcia Kelson began on August 15th which is the second production I have watched by Kelson as part of Online@The SpaceUK fringe. The first one “The Plague Thing” was part of the first group of productions released on August 8th. Which I would highly recommend watching.

After nine months of travelling abroad without so much as a “hello” Mum (Lesley Ann Jones) finally has a phone call from her daughter Sarah (Caroline Salter). The video call sees Mum at the kitchen table while talking to her Daughter who is sunning herself in Peru.

Following a brief geography lesson from Sarah explaining where and why the country’s she has travelled to, Mum becomes exasperated with her. Sarah’s irresponsible behaviour about taking a “scenic tour of South America” while the world is in the middle of a pandemic is brushed off and Mum realises that the catch-up phone call is actually just a request for money.

However, Mum has a life-changing revelation of her own and Sarah doesn’t find her parents to be in quite the same situation that they were before she first left. The humour scattered in this nine-minute production is recognisable to many parents with older children who seem to forget that they are now responsible for themselves.

Stranded is available until 30th August at Online@The SpaceUK which is part of the Edinburgh Fringe online catalogue of productions available in the absence of the 2020 Festival. Links to this production and The Space are available below.

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