No Logo by Andy Mosley.

After the disappointing cancellation of the 2020 Edinburgh Fringe, where No Logo had been due to be performing at Underbelly Wee Coo throughout August. The company has released this short preview piece. Staring First Fringe winner Moj Taylor this short preview piece written by Andy Mosley allows the audience a taster into what they can expect in the full performance.

The backstage area of a theatre can be a lonely place once the lights from the stage are switched off. During the transition between the character returning into the actor there begins a time of reflection as Christopher begins to remove Lady Christina’s makeup and he returns to reality.

Upon looking in the mirror the father that once abandoned Christopher is starting to look back at him. As the removal of the stage makes up begins he engages in conversation with his absent father in an honest and unfiltered dialogue exploring the feelings left behind after bringing shame to the family for the Crime of being “gay.” However, as the conversation unfolds we discover who really had bought shame on the family?

Dealing with our demons thrust upon as children they can leave deep marked scars that were never our predetermined values or ideals yet those told to us until we eventually believe them. The battle between nature and nurture often rumbles beneath the surface in all families. Leaving a trail of unsaid conversations, confusion and hurt behind.

Director Bethany Blake creates an extremely atmospheric setting in which Taylor delivers a moving and heartfelt performance. Personally, I am really looking forward to seeing the completed production.

Please check out No Logo using the online link below and judge for yourself. Subject to COVID-19 rules being changed it’s also scheduled to appear at Brighton Fringe in October 2020. For more information follow the  No Logo productions link underneath.


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