The Space: Selection of Theatre Productions.

One of the Edinburgh Fringe venues The Space has set up an online catalogue of performances running from the 8th-30th of August when the annual festival should have been running.

There’s such a wide variety of shows available on their site that I have put together an overview of four short productions that I have seen and enjoyed. Each lasts no longer than around 15 minutes but each one has a lot of depth and has been superbly written and performed through the challenges we all face during the lockdown.

Audrey (Batty Hatsers) begins lockdown with determination and fight. As her neighbour’s arguments become more volatile and a combination of depression and crippling arthritis take over her life declines rapidly. Definitely one worth adding to your watch list.

Detachment is a Blue Gooseberry Theatre group production. Toby (Malcolm Jeffries) and V (Gemma Wray) are a married couple separated through lockdown due to Toby working in the hospital ICU unit and V being heavily pregnant. The couple’s video conversations take a turn for the worse as Toby reacted to a situation completely out of his normal character. This has been based on actual events. An extremely well scripted and performed ten-minute piece.

The Van by Raised Voices focuses around the social hub of a food van who are still out feeding the homeless community in Edinburgh during the lockdown. It’s a candid and truthful approach with open conversations about addiction and “scoring a hit”. Looking at coronavirus through the eyes of the men in this production it uses a mixture of humour and honesty about how the situation affects their accommodation, collecting prescriptions and the lack of social interaction. A real eye-opener and undoubtedly, one to watch.

The Plague Thing by Marcia Keison. Set in a nursing home Carol Hudson’s performance views COVID-19 through the eyes of a lady in the later stages of dementia. The humour added throughout the short piece is brilliantly written. The sensitivity in the writing allows the viewer to be empathetic while laughing along with her. After all” what do you mean there are no flights!” I would highly recommend watching this one.

The productions I have chosen for this review cover a cross-section of society and how the UK lockdown has affected them. There will be someone that we can relate to in one or more of the performances. The struggle in the toilet paper shortage or the long queue at the chemist. However, coronavirus hasn’t left us yet and there are many that are still in isolation who require our understanding and help.

A link to each of these productions is available at the bottom with a link to the full programme showing until 30th August at The Space online. I hope you find something that you enjoy and can help support the Edinburgh Fringe this year online.

Lockdown Drag-Out


The Van

The Plague Thing

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