The Last Mermaid directed by Sophie Kelly

Set in a beautiful iconic Scottish location next to Loch Lomond the last mermaid is a comedic, fictional short film which has a succession of funny one-liners and an eclectic concoction of characters.

The highly renowned Scottish comedian Janey Godley stars in The Last Mermaid your first introduced to her character as she is led on a bed smoking and drinking in her small Cottage.

running a sex line over the internet you find her talking to various men who she knows in her Village. It’s rather surreal as you’re laughing at the comments that she’s making to these men of a sexual nature and then every so often she adds in their first name or asks them a completely random question about how they are personally.

Upon seeing the news in the local newspaper that her sister has been found washed up on the shores of the Loch dead killed by plastic parts found in the sea. The ageing mermaids who are the last of her species who in order to save her own species need to procreate.

Taking a turkey baster and a local volunteer to donate his sperm for her cause. Her only way to save the mermaids now is to dive into the loch and use the baster to inseminate herself. Godley certainly proves why she is Scotland’s top comedian in this outrageously funny tale.

Although this is a very funny short film there is a very strong message throughout there as well about how much waste we do actually throw into the seas and how much is just floating around and there’s one scene towards the end where you see the weather going to the water and you’ll see a garden plastic chair floating buyers if it’s normally there which brings home just how bad a pollution problem we actually have

The fictional cast with the inclusion of a mermaid and the local residents living in the community are extremely funny. There is a serious underlying current to this short film which brings it home to you just how much we actually need to be aware of what we are generally throwing away and how we are treating our beaches in the United Kingdom.



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