Nation your nation by Frederick Kelly

Nation your nation is entirely filmed in black-and-white. The only colour that can be seen throughout is the beautiful light hazel brown eyes of the actor in the role of the lady taking the citizen test.

The filming of this short film in black-and-white to me was very clever and poignant to the subject matter as you watched this lady taking the Citizens test and in a very stark and uncomfortable room you can understand that the black and white questions reflect the black and white surroundings that she is placed in during the time.

There were at times moments when the interviewer and interviewee came into close contact. However, these moments appeared in more of a dreamlike state from the actor being interviewed as she grounded herself.

The questions used in the short clips that were heard are taken from the actual sample papers that can be found online. After looking at some as a UK citizen I am not sure I would have passed.

Kelly has chosen an interesting and unusual topic to create his short film. Although it is one which was worth seeing through the eyes of somebody taking the rest and how daunting the whole procedure can be.



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