Sparrow directed by Welby Ings.

Sparrow tells the story of a young boy who socially finds it very difficult to fit in especially at school where you watch as he is regularly bullied and cruelly tormented by his peers.

The Legacy his grandfather has left behind his part in the family is over the hero who fell during the war and died with honours. Space after going into his father’s shed which he knows his forbidden to do he finds a box of an open letter which completely unravels the family miss that surrounded his grandfather and the life that he actually leads.

The film itself flows very well and the director Welby Ings has an interesting eye for something that is slightly obscure especially with the young boy who wears a pair of homemade wings everywhere he seems to go, even to school.

A film like Sparrow is well suited to be shown at a film festival and in all honesty, I don’t really see that the storyline has much potential to move beyond this format as it included everything concisely within the time frame.