I’m Listening directed by Katja Korhonen.

I’m listening is set in the demon hours of 3 am in the morning at a radio station, where the host is answering calls from her listeners.

It’s an interesting demographic as each of the listeners who phone up to speak to The Host appears in the kitchen area with her while she is taking their call. Then the next one appears and so on. Making the exchanges taking place more personal.

The penultimate caller who phones in and tells her that it’s the end of the world is an unassuming character who just looks like the lady who could be living next door. The radio host is a similar character who is obviously making a large difference to the community of listeners who tune into her every night and turn to her for advice and somebody who listens to them.

The one very endearing part about this short film is the fact that it could actually be a real situation and that there are radio hosts that work on radio shows every night during those hours who perform a very important service for the people who listen to them and being such an ordinary situation allowed the audience to be able to fully engage with the situation that she was in in.