Stalker directed by Christopher Andrews.

Stalker is set in the wild Scottish Highlands where the terrain is rough and the weather is wet, wild and very stormy. A rugged landscape setting for this intense short film.

The older stalker is the main protagonist throughout the film and he has made it his mission to try and catch the younger poacher who as we clearly see is cutting off the stags heads only for their antlers.

The majestic Stags that the Stalker is trying to protect are handsome creatures and saving them despite his own ageing health and his depleting eyesight is all that’s important to this man and being able to preserve them at any cost.

Most of this film doesn’t have any dialogue, just very well scripted natural sounds in that environment. The conversations that do take place between the characters are short and predominantly matter of fact.

The one thing that works incredibly well within this short film is the fact that you can feel the atmosphere from the perspective of the stalker when he’s walking through the forest as you hear the branches crack and you see movement ahead.

Christopher Andrews captures the raw beauty of the landscape and the Stags through the protagonist’s eyes. Towards the end, as his eyesight fails we see the blurred images that anyone suffering from his condition would see. The addition of a couple of scenes that make you jump keeps the audience gripped.