The 39 Steps by John Buchan and adapted by Chris Hawley.

Set during the winter of 1962 in a radio station Black box Theatre are about to broadcast live The 39 Steps by John Buchan. However, as the weather worsens and snow prevents all but one cast member arriving safely at the studio. Roy the caretaker and Brenda the tea lady is called upon to save the day.

The stage is interestingly dressed with two 1960s style microphones at the centre stage, a prop table to the right-hand side full of stage props which are used for the large array of sound effects ranging from a mini bellow, drinking glasses, upright bicycle pump and a pair of coconut shells.

The humour is varied and extremely well delivered. One particular scene in the outer depths of Scotland it was reminiscent of the BBC’s League of Gentlemen where you can imagine a stranger being the centre of gossip, suspicion and intrigue.

David McCulloch and Scarlett Briant’s delivery is perfectly timed throughout the performance and they never cease to remind the audience that they are still in character as the radio station staff and are just the stand-in cast.

Bruce Chattan-McIntosh in the role of Mr Richard Hanney never falters out of character. Chattan-McIntosh’s work and a vast amount of radio voice over experience shows and he really has perfected the art of radio voice work. An absolute treat to listen to while watching the play.

In the words of the fantastic cast “It’s hawfully good, what, what” and I for one definitely agree with them.

If you would like to discover who or what The Blackstone is then caught one of Blackbox Theatre’s performance while they are out and about with this extremely funny and entertaining show while it is on tour.

Tour dates are available on their website below.

Four Stars


David McCulloch

Bruce Chattan-McIntosh

Scarlet Briant

Hannah Wood-Technical Stage Manager

Chris Hawley- Director

Photographs by Trinity Photography.

For further details and to check out tour dates please check out their website below.


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