The Heresy Machine by Dmitri Barcomi and Seth Majnoon.

The movement-based play The Heresy Machine is a queer cyborg fictional love story set between Alan Turing and his computer that he names Baby.

The original musical score by Eamon Goodman integrates with the worlds first computer-generated music with his composition. It’s extremely clever and the voice of the computer is exactly how I would imagine it to sound.

An unusual performance of an actor taking on the role of the computer through speech and jolted movement in time with the diction was absolutely precise. They had certainly timed each line perfectly and it would probably not have been an easy role to fulfil.

The production brings into question human relationships with computers and everyday machines in our lives today. We rely on them to perform for us every day and subconsciously build up a rapport as we understand their quirks and how to get the best results out of them.

I did find in places during the performance I was at a loss as to what was going on. However, I am arts-based not science and I dare say someone in that field would have a far greater understanding.


Maria Moriarty

Marc Sinoway

Michelle Kariuki.

Created by Dmitri Barcomi and Seth Majnoon.

Sound design Eamon Goodman

Computer programming Robert Salzer

Three Stars.


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