Teach by

The powerful semi-autobiographical production by Matthew Robert’s at the 2019 Edinburgh Fringe Teach is a “warts and all” fast-moving play about his experiences inside and outside the classroom.

Smattered with shocking statistics and an insight into how unsupported teachers are by parents, the wider community and the least of all the government. We send our children to be educated and as parents, it’s easy to forget to see the person sat on the other side of the desk as we expect the impossible from them in too many instances.
Roberts asks the audience to vote on whether he should leave teaching or not three times during well-placed intervals through the show. Robert’s is a real-life teacher questioning strangers at how they see his role and job to decide if he should stay or not. The results have been astonishing to him as each day the audiences have differed in opinion.

Helen Tennison has directed an insightful, vibrant, passionate and hard-hitting play that deserves to be seen by anyone who has children. The view into the other side of teaching isn’t for the faint-hearted.

If we want to and we should want to keep passionate and dedicated teachers like Roberts in these important jobs then attitudes and funding need to change to support them!

Five Stars.

Written and performed by Matthew Robert’s.

Directed by Helen Tennison.


Matthew Roberts will present the epilogue of TEACH at the rally on Friday 27th September 2019



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