Mason King- Sleight of Mind.

Entering Mason Kings 45 minute Sleight of Mind show. I was feeling cynical and unsure about what to expect. Magic is exactly that magic, I mean surely it’s all up to the magician’s sleeve! However, none of his tricks went anywhere near his sleeve during the entire show. The sheer level of accuracy was mind-blowing.

King’s happy exterior and complete control over the entire performance is brilliant. He sets the audience at ease and there’s a lot of careful interaction.

The audience was astounded at times by his accuracy and the reactions they gave during the show were all genuine as far as I could see.

There were a couple of moments when he was not accurate with his mind-reading predictions. Although I do wonder if that was part of his act too, building up the atmosphere. Regardless of how or why it’s a very entertaining and thought-provoking show.

I was left questioning how did he do that? Whatever methods King uses I am very impressed with the performance I have seen. The ending to his show leaves you wondering how!

Four Stars.

Performed by Mason King.


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