Letter to Boddah by Watershed Productions.

As two friends Neil and Bill hold themselves hostage in the disabled toilets at their local Tescos in Oldham. They are contemplating their next move. With two guns on the toilet cistern and a suspicious-looking rucksack and the friends dressed in army uniform, only time will tell as to what happens next!

Bill played by Sam Glen has orchestrated this two-man war. With his hands violently shaking with nerves and the heightened anxiety, this all sets the scene immediately as the pair enter the disabled toilet. Combined with raised voices and nervous rapid conversation the fear sets in that this is unlikely to end well.

We all make wrong decisions in life and as life’s catastrophic events eat away to the very core of Bill existence, his best mate Neil has found himself caught up in his friend’s frenzied world.

Watching Glen in character as he opens the rucksack to set the fuses on the bomb the intense scene has you drawn in completely. I had to play myself out to remember this is a play I am watching as at that very moment it felt one hundred per cent real and there was a bomb.

As the two men open up to each other about the heartbreaking events they lived through during childhood and adolescence. The picture becomes clearer as to how these two funny, damaged and very likeable friends have found themselves in this position.

The rapport that these two extremely talented actors share on the stage is very rare. There are absolutely in tune with each other and it’s incredibly moving. Every emotion felt by the actors is passed out through their outstanding performances to be felt by the audience in turn.

With such a tightly written script from Sarah Nelson, this play is absolutely flawless. Writing this strong drives passion and emotion throughout the play never allowing the actors or audience a chance to catch a breath!

Unbeknown to me the play is named after the suicide letter Kurt Cobain wrote to his imaginary friend at the time of his death.

The Letter to Boddah is a rare gem at this years fringe and deserves to be seen. Leaving a theatre thinking “wow” because it leaves you speechless speaks volumes.

Five Stars.


Sam Glen-Bill

Jordan Reece-Tink/Neil

Writer Sarah Nelson.


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