The House of Influenza:A Spooky Tale of Freighteningness by Andrew Shires.

Lily Edwards performance in the one-woman show The House of Influenza by Andrew Shires is outstanding. A mixture of horror, humour and an array of different characters bring the stage to life.

The atmosphere for this “kooky, spooky and a little bit kooky” production switches between a blacked-out theatre and a fully lit one. Which heightens your own senses and adding another dimension to the performance of this “horror parody”.

Set during the beginning of a zombie apocalypse the women in the story decides that this is one her time to write the horror book that she has always wanted to do. Facing survival from the zombies outside as she is locked in her own house she uses humour to overcome fear.

With references to many popular horror films from The Woman in Black to Final Destination scattered throughout the performance it never feels like it’s just a list of titles for the sake of it.

Edwards certainly brings the book to life playing each of the characters within the book with a different stance and voice. Look out for the straight-laced Mrs Shinfeather the harder she tries to be serious the funnier she becomes.

Edward’s is brilliantly entertaining and has incredible talent. The stage is certainly ready for the next Victoria Wood.

Five Stars.


Lily Edwards

Writer Andrew Shires.


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