HERSTORY by The Polly Clamorous Collective.

Polly Clamorous the all-female musical group who originate from Zimbabwe, Australia, Austria and Essex have bought their new production HERSTORY to Edinburgh for 2019.

Herstory explores a chronological historical timeline about some of the forgotten famous enigmatic ladies who have played a role in shaping our history as we know it today.

These are the ladies who have been sidelined and ignored through the history books and lost somewhere in time. From Adam’s first wife Lilith, Journalist Black Nelly to the indigenous ladies in Australia who lose their lives at the hands of their families at a rate of one a week.

Be prepared to take an interesting history lesson about how the “weaker sex!” actually made their mark in the world. From what some of them achieved to the sacrifices they made in order to succeed.

The costumes chosen by each member of the quartet are very striking and each one has chosen a different style to represent their individuality. Befitting of their roles in the production.

Set to music, dance and some puppetry the quartet breath a new life into each of the ladies featured. The lyrics to the songs performed are very catchy. With a keen eye for detail and excellent research into the history of each one, they are all bought to life in this packed 50-minute performance.

Four Stars.


Jamie Fischer
Aurora Richardson
Isabelle Woolley
Stefanie Bruckner
The technician is Chloe Mantripp.
Venue: The Space – Surgeons’ Hall – Nicolson Street, EH8 9DW
August 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17 at 22:15 – 23:05

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