The People’s Boat by Moaning Toad Productions Ltd.

Moaning Toad Productions Ltd has bought an interesting play to this years Edinburgh Fringe looking at how the post-Brexit U.K landscape might look as we lose our ropes and cast off from Europe.

The stage is dressed as a ramshackle boat. As the crew discuss food, life and try to work out where they are heading. The one thing they omit from the conversations is “Brexit”.

What you discover is that you are watching a play within a play as the crew are all budding actors discussing the script about who is going to be playing which the crew members on the boat as it sets to the stage.

The writing has been produced in a clever well thought out structure. As you know exactly which events they are referring to throughout the play without outwardly discussing them.

Elliot Williams is extremely funny and is perfect for the comedy role he performs. As with all good comedy actors, the delivery comes through in his body language and facial expressions alongside some very funny lines.

Their Fringe debut is a perfect creation in this time of political uncertainty and the frustrations many people feel as the UK detached itself and sails off into unknown territory. A great way to round off an evening in Edinburgh at the festival.

Four Stars.

The cast of four

Written and Directed by the cast below.


Arthur-Chris Whyte

Garth-Elliott Williams

Hector-Luke Bateman

Shane-Jack Hilton.


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