Rock ‘n’ Roll Girls by Queen Mary Theatre Company.

What on earth can be the connection between Brown Sugar by the Rolling Stones, Lola by The Kinks, Eleanor Rigby by The Beatles, Roxanne by The Police and… Monica? The five characters in Rock ‘n’ Roll Girls explain all.

Set in what is described in the press release as a “dingy social club” the five ladies get together to discuss their hope’s and aspirations beyond certain binding constraints!

The five characters have all been bought to life through the cleverly written play. The idea that each of these ladies is real and longs for far more than simply being part of a constructed “mans” song lyrics.

When I first saw the cast on stage together I instantly connected their outfits to resemble the Spice Girls which is poignant in this year with their comeback tour. Along with some attitudes portrayed as well through each character too. A very clever touch whether it was consciously done or not.

It’s a brilliant concept and with such a tightly written script with no loose ends by the end of the play. Each of the five cast members played their parts with an air of believability. This play is definitely worth taking an hour out of your Fringe to watch.

Four Stars.
Rachel Jermy
Ellie Calnan
Efe Uwadiae
Alice Wilson
Stephanie Overington

theSpace @ Venue 45, 63 Jeffrey St, Edinburgh EH1 1DH


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