How to Mend the World (with a student play) by Drunken Brainstorm.

Drunken Brainstorm would have been the perfect title for this production of How to Mend the World (with a student play).

The fast-paced comedy performance is set as a group of budding actors brainstorm ideas to take their ideas in front of a funding board for twenty thousand pounds to enable them to bring to stage Arthur Millers play The Crucible.

Egos at the ready as the group of four begin discussions. Three of the four characters trying to control how the funding meeting should go.

Drunken Brainstorm has combined a great mix of comedy, slapstick scenes, mayhem and overall madness to this production. A very talented quartet who have bought a show here that the Edinburgh Fringe needs.

It’s never going to end well and with the spaghetti tower smashing it is unlikely to end tidily either! There are a lot of laughs along the way and as each cast member was enjoying themselves it helps raise the atmosphere of the performance.

Four Stars


Christian Bennett – Liam Hurley
Jonty Bailey – Higggins – Francis Nunnery
Felicity St.Clair – Tilly Price
Ben Hackett – Ollie Tritton – Wheeler

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