One Another Interviews.

From left to right Edward Tarling, Elaine Chapman and Hayley Powell.

There was a relaxed atmosphere on the second floor Cafe at Candid Arts Centre in Angel. Which set the same ambience on the evening upon which the interviews were taking place with Edward Tarling and Hayley Powell who star in the short film One Another which is now on its way to selected film festivals around the world.

All the questions I asked were directly linked to the film genre and the characters that the actors played.

Have you changed your use of time since making the film?

I now have a better schedule and have gotten round to things Edward told me and my supermarket habits have improved. Which I clarified to mean healthier eating habits.

I am always changing and trying to improve replied Hayley. In relation to the film’s influence, she couldn’t think of anything that stood out.

Elaine Chapman interviewing Hayley Powell on right.

During one scene Daniel stares into a glass window looking into himself. Has Edward had an epiphany at any point?

Edward and I had a while alone before being joined by the other two. I put this question to him.

At the end of 2018, he had suffered a mental health episode. During this time he took a long hard look at his life. Suffering from depression he sought help through counselling and made positive changes to turn his life back around.

Did you bring any bad relationships experience with you for these roles?

Hayley has been lucky enough not to experience any relationships where her only resort left was to throw her mobile in The Thames.

However, for Edward, he recognised the white noise Daniel was enduring through the film while on the phone to his wife and related to his feelings of despair. I didn’t pry for any further details although he told me they have never spoken to each other again.

Did anything in the character roles appeal to you when you read the script?

Hayley was enthused by this question and told me she had never been asked to play a character like Isla before. One that was far away from her own life. Although she recognised traits in her personality, the anti-social blunt side of Isla that certainly enhances her character. She referred to her as “a breath of fresh air”.

For Edward elements of Daniels life appealed to him even if it was just for the role. His good job, money, a nice coat and a decent watch. All the things a struggling actor doesn’t have. However, he remarks about Daniel that “he may have the gig but there’s more out there…”

Elaine Chapman interviewing Edward Tarling on left.

Have you considered making any bucket list style changes since making the film?

“I am off to LA in June” Edward explains to stay with his friend. While he is out there for six weeks he intends to work on his social and career network. With the plan to further his portfolio.

“Changed my hair colour” for starts Hayley tells me. I am also working on new ventures and doing things that scare me slightly in new acting roles and for some of them turning out to be the best things.


What was it like working on set?
Both of them held Jerome in high esteem and thoroughly enjoyed working on the film. Edward refers to Jerome as the police and bodyguard, someone relaxed who has the ability to create a productive and positive atmosphere on set, someone who looked after them the whole time.

They felt safe as Jerome knew exactly what he wanted. Which enabled both of them to be left to fulfil their jobs which is to make the director, producer and writer happy.

How did it work with the writer on set too?

With Jonathan actually on set neither had worked like that before. Invariably it is left to their interpretation of what the writer would have wanted. With him there they felt a sense of trust as he knew exactly what he wanted from them in the roles they were playing.

How was your on set relationship?

They both agreed that it was a great working relationship. By seeing them together I could tell they genuinely enjoyed their roles and the time they had spent together on set. Our meeting was chatty, friendly and very relaxed. An absolute pleasure to meet both of them and wish them every success.

Cast and crew attending

Jerome Rehioui-Director/Producer

Hayley Powell-Isla

Edward Tarling-Daniel

Jonathan Skinner-Writer sent his apologies.

Written by Elaine Chapman

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