Castilla Sisters by Ana Torre. A Barbarian Collective Production.

Above a copy of the poster.

Ana Torre’s 75 minute play the Castilla Sisters explores the corruption and attitudes in modern-day Mexico experienced by the two Latino sisters. Guido Garcia Lueches brilliant direction has bought this play to life.

The audience is transported to Mexico by the brilliant vibrant writing and use of graphic detailed descriptions about their home, smells, colours and the weather.

Nadia explains her coming of age and how she had always recognised her true sexuality in a dynamic performance. The audience could clearly see it through her eyes as she battled and fought with wanting to feel normal. Her passion for life was very endearing, a truly likeable character.

From the left Ana and Cinthia dressed as their characters.

Both actresses ability to combine up to four roles in some scenes by slightly changing their stage position and accent was incredible. There was no opportunity to second guess which role they were in as their voices remained clear for each character.

Torre’s duel monologue in the police station evoked many emotions as she acted the role of perpetrator and victim. The corrupt sleazy police officer offering to do his job properly if she would “help him” as he suggestively strokes her hair before he kissed her was performed with conviction.

This play certainly offered a different perspective on young Latino women growing up in a modern Mexico from the view perhaps portrayed in the media. The raw and uncensored writing bought another perspective on how we might view them.

Performances, writing and directions of high quality such as this keep the Pub Theatre community fresh and diverse.

Four stars.

Cinthia Lilen-Nadia Castilla

Ana Torre-Alejandra Castilla

Guido Garcia Lueches-Director

Photo credit to Guido Garcia Lueches.

The Bread and Roses Theatre

68 Clapham Manor Street

London SW4 6DZ.

At 7.30pm from 26th-30th March 2019.

Written for London Pub Theatre Magazine



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