Staying Faithful written and directed by Rosanna Foster.

As the title suggests Staying Faithful is the prominent theme that runs through the core of this play. Although as you soon discover it is dealt with through several themes. Relationships within all of the characters and the amalgamation of different religions.

Religion is delivered by April played by Maria Anthony who has a desire to want to understand the world I live in and embraces each religious celebration by dressing in costume and making inedible food for the others to sample. Much to the frustration of her friends. Hope tells her she is being unfaithful and disrespectful to those who believe in their faiths.

Cast in the photo above starting from the left April, Hope, Chezza and Jess.

The student’s conversation at the beginning of the play referencing Descartes and his famous quote I think; therefore I am led into a lengthy discussion. Where one outcome they reach is that the external world is untrustworthy and being misled. This was delivered well and set the scene for how the play would unfold.

The fast transition between the past and the present at times detracts from the storyline. Leaving a slight confusion as to where you are and which era you were currently in.

Zac and Fletch who is sitting on the floor, are seen in the above photo.

Some stricter editing would have helped this plays delivery. By tightening up the dialogue, the stronger important parts of the storyline would have then been delivered more effectively. The dramatic scenes were understated in places especially when the car accident takes place.

Sadly being over ambitious with the number of themes that this play contains let’s it down, and some loose ends that were never properly explained left it feeling unfinished.

Three Stars.


Chazza Suzie Voce

Jess Laura Perry

Hope Gabrielle Quaye

Zac Anthony Portsmouth

April Maria Anthony

Fletch Philip Davis-Walker

Set Design Joseph Foster

Lighting and Sound Gabi Coomber.

By Chocolate Chilli Theatre

Twitter @ChocChilTheatre

Facebook chocolatechillitheatre

Playing at the Drayton Arms Theatre from 5th-9th March 2019.



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