Th’Importance of Bein’ Earnest by Oscar Wilde.

Directed by Luke Adamson and Toby Hampton. Suspending your disbelief as an audience member is never more relevant than when you go to watch classic plays reworked. This is definitely my advice when you go to watch this play and do go, you will not be disappointed.

This latest adaptation of Wildes popular play has been reproduced in a hilariously upbeat farcical style. Everything in this play is rough around the edges and unstylish. From the wallpaper to the costumes and hairstyles. A well-constructed combination which makes for a great evenings entertainment.

The “Manor House” is less than glamorous set on a council estate in Yorkshire. From the peeling wallpaper to the bulldog framed photograph this all portrays a stereotyped family living in those areas. Combined with the regional accents the original text is used in the main dialogue with a common twang slipping into the conversations.

The costumes as seen below add to the colour and humour. The outdated shell suit and string vest all make an appearance. With, Luke Adamson as Algernon can be seen strolling around in his unflattering white pants for a large section of the performance which just accentuates the eccentric lazy Batchelor bone idle attitude he has to life which Wilde first wrote about.

The audience were laughing through most of the production and conversations during the interval were all positive, commenting how much they were enjoying it. Which reflected from the cast who appeared to be having a lot of fun on stage.

Lane, his flatmate is one to watch, as seen in the photo below. His dialogue part if very brief. However, he is on stage all the time observing the haphazard unfolding romances taking place in front of us. Take note of his mannerisms as there are some exceptional comedy moments from him.

Will the lovestruck Gwendolen and Cecily as seen pictured above get their knights on white horses or have to make do with Algernon and Ernest. Who knows but it’s going to be very funny finding out. A real high note to end a Saturday night on.

Four stars.

The production runs from Tuesday 5th February to Saturday 23rd February.

At The Drayton Arms

153 Old Brompton Road,


Greater London,


Check out the links below for booking tickets.



Photographs all courtesy of Cam Harle Photography.


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