The Orchestra by Jean Anouilh.

The Omnibus Theatre in Clapham South is the perfect setting for this play. It boasts a very comfortable auditorium and a good-sized stage. Along with a nice seated bar area serving food and drinks.

Directed by Kristine Landon-Smith The Orchestra is a set just after the war in France. Beyond their music, it becomes clear very fast that this group would have little else in common.

Affairs, jealousy, suicide, insecurities, failed relationships and abuse all take centre stage during the play along with some very well chosen scores of music.

The contrast between the functional well-rehearsed orchestra taking centre stage is a far cry from the dysfunctional relationships taking place behind the facade. During the score “Rapture in Havana” the conversation delves into the varied sex life of one of the violinists.

There are many underlying insecurities surfacing throughout and I would suggest paying close attention to the dialogues so as not to miss the comedy. As it is delivered a matter of fact way rather than a cue for the audience to laugh.

We are very aware of the agitated manager who keeps the Orchestra in his sights throughout the performance. He quietly wanders around making sure they are performing properly.

The hour-long play leaves you questioning is that it. As there is plenty of scopes to expand from. However, it is in keeping with an Orchestras performance time. This would be a great play to take to the Edinburgh Fringe due to its diversity.

Playing from the 31st January to 17th February.

The Omnibus Theatre

Tel:020 7498 4699

Email (enquiries only)





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