The Snow Angel of Antartica by Victoria Connerty.

The UnDisposables is a London based Arts and Theatre collective. This is the first of the two new plays performed as part of New Voices season from them on the 5th November 2018.

The play tells of the heartfelt journey taken by Ellie and Jimmy, twins separated only by ten minutes at birth entering the world via the ‘vaginal waterslide’ as they travel to visit the penguins in Antartica and camp overnight on the ice cap. The love and closeness of these two are played out predominantly through humour and well-meant banter.

However, all is not straightforward and as Ellie played by Esther Joy Mackay travels with her brother to Antartica to see the penguins. The plot unfolds to reveal her real reason for visiting there and why she has bought a penguin flask with her.

The play changes quickly between the present and the previous year smoothly. Allowing the audience to keep in time as the real story unfolds.

This two-man play deals with, love, loyalty, commitment, grief and the bond shared by many twins.

Jimmy played by Jaymin Michaels has a challenging role as he moves between the alive and deceased character throughout the play. The expectation is that the audience is unaware of this until close to the end of the play.

Cancer only gets a small part in this play though and is never allowed to upstage the twins relationship. In some ways drawing them closer together.

My favourite part of the play takes place at the end when both twins take turns reading out sections of the letter left to Ellie by Jimmy.

Two outstanding performances in this well written and directed play.

Written by Victoria Connerty.

Directed by Madeleine Corner.


Performed at:



24 Southwark Street,


SE1 1TY.

On 4th -6th November 2018.


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