Sugar Buddy by Jonathan Skinner.

The UnDisposables is a London based Arts and Theatre collective. This is the second of the two new plays performed as part of New Voices season from them on the 5th November 2018.

After a chance meeting at a bus stop, Graham without an E and Felicity strike up an unusual agreement. Felicity is a barista on minimum wage and Graham is very rich after losing his parents and inheriting the house and a lot of money. Neither have many or any friends. However, Graham is the only one honest enough to admit this.

Graham dresses in comfortable scruffy clothes. Whereas Felicity wears a fake fur coat and red beret with a designer named top underneath. Too often society assumes who we are by what we wear and in reality, we actually should never judge by appearances, as they are often wrong.

The arrangement follows that Graham employs Felicity to be his friend and for the self-professed Cambridge University Graduate to teach him about culture, foreign films and the arts. Most importantly for Graham how to be normal, by being his friend.

The actor’s dialogue moves quickly throughout the play. The two characters are in conversation and then they break the fourth wall to address the audience. This added an interesting dimension to the play.

There are some very funny lines throughout which both actors delivered very well. Felicity’s main device to cover up her own inadequate feelings is to be very sarcastic. However, Graham humours her and pretends not to hear or understand her deflecting it away.

As their paid friendship grows Felicity eventually agrees to let Graham chose an outing and she ends up on the tube. Graham explains to a bored Felicity all about The Tube Challenge, as explained in this picture below. This is his one ambitions in life to break the record.

The play ends at Graham’s funeral, and the truth about Felicity never going to Cambridge among many other admissions all unravels during their final conversation from beyond the grave.

I was left asking who was really the lonely one out of Graham and Felicity. In my opinion, it was Felicity, she made up a life to sound happier and more popular than she was. However, Graham never pretends to be anyone but himself.

A very well acted, written and directed play.

Written by Jonathan Skinner

Directed by Katerina Tinnirello-Savvas

Connor Hughes – Graham

Sophie Winter-King – Felicity



Performed at:



24 Southwark Street,


SE1 1TY.

On 4th -6th November 2018.


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