From the beginning this theatre production raised goosebumps on my arms, I knew I was going to be watching something exceptional.

A fast-paced, violent, energetic and moving production. It challenges our moral compass as we witness the true stories of life and deaths suffered by these people. It focuses on “black” protagonists who endured injustice and violence because of their skin colour. Many ended in suicide after they sank into the depths of mental illness.

The audience gasps, tears and one ladies horrified “no, no, no” from behind me, all added to the intensity of watching this performed.

The choreography is outstanding as each scene effortlessly merges into the next by powerful dances and strong physical movements. A demanding play physically and emotionally on the six cast members, who never faltered throughout the performance.

Watch youtube link at the bottom of the page to sample this incredible piece.

This show is going on tour after the Edinburgh run has finished. I would recommend everyone to try and see it.

It is showing daily at the Pleasance, 17.00 hours, venue 33 in Edinburgh. Many shows are selling out though so book beforehand.


@StrictlyArts @campbell1corey @camillavalerie_ @ThePleasance #Freeman

A definitive 5 stars from me.


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