3 Years, 1 week and a Lemon Drizzle.

Alex and Kate take the audience through their memories of their relationship through the years that Alex battles with anorexia.

Predominantly this appears to be light-hearted sibling banter, combined with laughter. However, as Alex’s battles surface at times with anorexia it quickly descends into a darker place.

The play explores feelings of guilt through Alex as she felt she should have been a better big sister, but her illness “needs” took precedence. At times being really unkind and controlling over Kate. I felt empathy for Kate as she appears to have accepted it and not faltered in her love for Alex. A really credible attribute for Kate as a person.

They combine statistics and facts about anorexia. Which is well presented and clear raising awareness of this condition.

The audience is treated to piece of cake at the end of the play too, thank you, ladies.

They are performing at the Underbelly Bristo square daily at 2.25pm.


3 stars


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