Tonight the audience at the “Interview” at venue 503 at the Edinburgh Fringe were put through their paces by Tom and Sam.

This highly entertaining mock spoof interview began with the boys acting out a typical “90s” style overacted “cheesy” type recruitment video. Tom played the part of the voice over predominantly while Sam played each ego led persona, complete with various amusing voices.

One of the highlights of the show is the fly scene, seeing is believing. The audience members they asked to join in all did so, very well.

Personally, I found myself laughing throughout the whole show. Especially at the point when Tom gets angry on stage and shouts at an audience member for laughing while singing the word “naked”.

These two are very funny and have a natural rapport working with each other. A good double act is always a pleasure to watch.

Sadly their run finishes on August 13th. I would like to think they will continue with their work and be back next year.

Well done guys and you scored a 9.89 from me on the laughter performance scale.

They can be found @samplustom


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