Three days to go

The countdown to go to the Edinburgh Fringe is upon me. Last year was my first experience there and I have never been to anything like it before. I saw some new theatre productions, one of which by @20Somethingfest. These guys are worth watching out for in the future. I will definitely be following their progress. This year I plan to support @Bloomin_Buds, come back to check out my review in a few days.

Anyone who has never been to the Fringe cannot understand why you go and watch acts performing in damp smelly cellars, cramped loft spaces that health and safety would condemn in a heartbeat. However, it is the perfect way to watch the Fringe. I admire the energy, dedication and work these talented acts pour into the long haul of Edinburgh.

I am looking forward to seeing newbie on the Fringe this year Sam Russell @SamRussellComic. His review will appear on here too.

Bring on 10 days of adrenalin-fuelled entertainment. My personal best was 7 shows in a day last year, a record I am aiming to smash.


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