Can’t Wait to Leave by Stephen Leach.

Ryan (Zach Hawkins) a 19 year old guy confused about his future decided to follow his older brother Ben a successful up and coming accountant to London. The promise of a brighter future and more opportunities first lured him there. However, Ryan’s life couldn’t be further away from the success and popularity experienced by his older brother.

Stephen Leach’s new debut one man play Can’t Wait to Leave is bought to stage with an incredible performance by Hawkins. The depth of self-awareness is written with a refreshing honesty and compassion. Never allowing Ryan to become a victim of his circumstances, facing them head on, and knowing he needs to make the necessary changes to improve his future. Just needs to figure out how!

Disillusioned with his deliveroo job and the should be “condemned” flat he is sharing. Life in London isn’t anything like he imagined it to be, and he “can’t wait to leave” it all behind him. Without any money or job prospects, where can he go.

After meeting affluent 53-year-old Richard at his brothers drinks event leads him into a situation he cannot have foreseen or sadly prevented.

Stephen Leach tackles male rape with sensitivity yet at the same time hitting the audience hard within his writing. The story isn’t verbatim, although Leach explains that “his story is no-one’s and everyone’s ” where sexual assaults are often committed by people familiar with the victim.

The play would benefit from editing and tightening up a few scenes to add further dramatic impact this powerful play truly deserves. As writer, director and producer Leach has worked incredibly hard to bring the story stage and should be immensely proud.

Four Stars

For more information on this play and future productions at Waterloo East Theatre please use the links below.

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