Leannes Lick Of Paint

Reviewing online courses isn’t my usual genre as my regular followers will know. However, as someone who has always decorated their own home and likes to regularly maintain it. I have found many of the tips and advice in this five part course very useful. Especially the room preparation section as that’s not my strong point.

Divided into five easy to watch and follow sections Leannes step by step guide takes you through everything you need to know when embarking on home decorating. In the current climate, many will be turning their hand to these jobs in order to save some money.

The initial thoughts of prepping your room and getting everything set up can be quite daunting when it comes to decorating. Where to start? What colours to choose? Leanne talks you through the whole process logically and calmly with a few short cuts thrown in. If you get the preparation set up right, the rest in theory should fall into place.

Problem areas, we have all come across them at times. From treating damp to final preparations. Leanne explains how to tackle these areas and hopefully eliminate the areas that were causing the problems.

Painting walls and radiators. Like many others, I find radiators can be daunting. Which paint can I use? Will the finish be smooth? Watching and following the advice in this section you can obtain a more professional finish and feel more confident painting them.

Feature walls, how to create a statement wall that stands out and you can be proud of. Whether you choose a bold wallpaper or a darker paint, your feature wall is all about you creating a statement that you can admire.

Finishing off the woodwork and frames. Instantly recognized is the smell of gloss. Yet applying this paint and getting a “run” free finish isn’t easily achieved. From the first to the last coat, the advice offered in this section helps you achieve the perfect glossy look.

By purchasing the five parts you are also buying on-hand expert advice. Complete with a factsheet that you can print off or read online to help you improve your technique and hopefully feel more confident when it comes to redecorating.

Leanne can be found on various social media platforms. These links are available below. You can see regular updates and handy tips that save you time, energy, stress, and money.


Facebook page Leannes lick of Paint.



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