Twinkle by Philip Meeks.

There’s nothing quite like a Dame. Behind every Dame lies a backstory. Harold Thropp is no exception. He arrives at the Theatre to find he has been moved into a dilapidated dressing room and downgraded by the latest demands by the star of the annual pantomime and nemesis “soap star”!

Dereck Walker brings Thropp to life through Twinkle as he explains how and why he is working there. His heartfelt journey and demise in social standing as the mask/makeup is applied and he transforms into character as the pantomime Dame, Twinkle.

Tackling past attitudes and laws regarding homosexual relationships and men who “came out” is difficult to comprehend in modern society. Thropp discusses the attitudes he faced from his deceased partner’s family are designed to infuriate the audience. However, Thropp understands their behavior and lacks empathy in a matter-of-fact tone. He simply loved and was loved everything else was just material.

In another life Thropp trained and became a fully qualified electrician he decided to make his safety checks before the big Christmas light switched on to ensure that the night will go off with a spectacular festive bang.

Thropps sixty minute monologue tackles the loneliness of his situation, anger at being downgraded and dictated to by a “nobody” stars manager, and consumed with grief at losing the love of his life. The storyline gently draws you in before delivering a powerful punch!

Please note this production comes with a trigger warning and there are certain attitudes and references throughout the performance that might cause offence to some audience members.

Tonight Saturday 21st January 2023 is the last night of this run. However, there are plans to take it to the Edinburgh Fringe in August 2023. For further information on upcoming productions at the Drayton Arms Theatre in West Brompton please use the link below.

Four Stars.!


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