My Fair Lady at the Mayflower Theatre.

Director Barletta Sher brings 1913 London to life through My Fair Lady in the touring production of the same name. Based on George Bernard Shaw”s novel Pygmalion. The story is based upon Eliza Dooliittlle’s quick rise through the classes as an experiment devised by Professor Henry Higgins.

Charlotte Kennedy in the role of Eliza Doolittle combines the brash street dialect we are first introduced to, into the lady accepted by the Royal Court. Kennedy’s performance is flawless, with poise charm, and the most incredible voice during her solo singing performances.

Professor Hanry Higgins (Michael D. Xavier) the well-to-do scientist chooses Eliza from a crowd of street “gutter snipes” for a social experiment. Professor wants to prove that he can turn Eliza from a common talking flower seller into a lady fit to be presented at the Royal Court. However, no thought or consideration has been given to what will happen to her after he has proved his theory.

Costume designer Catherine Zuba creates a fantastic range of changing social status dresses for Eliza. My personal favorites are the male can-can dancers’ elaborate red costumes they are entertaining and all looked fantastic.

There’s a host of familiar actors in this production from Lesley Garrett (Mrs Pearce), John Middleton ( Colonel Pickering) to Eastenders Adam Woodyatt ( Alfred P Doolittlle) aka Ian Beale. Woodyatt encompasses the role with ease and certainly shows that he has an incredible stage presence.

The famous racing scene synonymous with My Fair Lady certainly doesn’t disappoint. The surround sound racing effect puts the audience directly into the action. Eliza’s hilarious descriptions of events in her life both shock and charm the Upper-Class company she has been introduced to.

This touring production of My Fair Lady is one not to be missed. One to put on your watch list for 2023. Playing at the Mayflower Theatre 12th-19th January 2023.

Five Stars.

For more information on this musical and future productions at the Mayflower Theatre Southampton please click on the link below.


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