SIX by Toby Marlow and Lucy Moss.

It is six years since the origin of SIX the Musical started its infancy by Cambridge University Theatre Society. Knowing they had to produce an original musical to perform at the Edinburgh Fringe the idea of Six came to life. The festival is notorious for making or breaking many performances and artists year after year, for this team its lead to global success.

January 2023 the latest cast change and my first press night back in the West End. Unlike many of the audience members this happened to be my first time watching SIX. I certainly haven’t been at all disappointed. The strong female-led cast and the Ladies in Waiting four-piece band offer a feminist approach and insight into the reign of Henry VIII.

Strong casting has created a fantastic press night. The cast dynamics are incredible. Each of the six Wives of Henry VIII vying to win pole position by the audience as to which one had the harder reign as the Queen and wife to the infamous volatile King.

Rhianne-Louise McCaulsky starts the solo proceedings in the role of the divorced Catherine of Aragon. Wearing an outstanding gold embellished dress, fabulous gold make up and a voice to match. Each note held and delivered with power and confidence. Totally stunning and every bit a Queen of the stage.

The tone adapted by Claudia Kariuka as the ill-fated Queen Jane Seymour who tragically died in childbirth lowers the tempo and offers a kinder look into the relationship the pair shared. She recalls a loving caring husband. An opinion not readily shared by the other five.

Costume designer Gabriella Slade creates six incredible outfits. Each takes a different colour and uses as many gems and bling that is physically possible. Even down to the microphone holder loop on each outfit allowing the cast to free up their arms for dance numbers. The attention to detail is superb.

Carrie-Anne Ingrouille Six’s choreographer has bought together an incredible fast-paced seventy-minute production. From each of the solo performances to the whole cast’s dance routines.

Although a story of the tragedies which the King bestowed on each Queen. There’s a strong message of female empowerment, taking back the power of their stories and retelling them with a twist. Even though its possibly not historically accurate the idea behind the musical is fascinating.

For more information on SIX and ticket bookings please visit the link below. It’s definitely one of the best West End musicals in Theatres at the moment.

Five Stars


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