Misconnections written by Nicolas Ridley.

Life changes direction without our complete awareness until it’s often too late to avoid the consequences, which then unfold before us quite rapidly. It’s not until they take place that you know whether these changes will be positive or negative. Pack a Punch Players bring to the stage three short plays jointly titled Misconnections. Which focuses on three scenarios where events take place leaving those affected by them stunned.

Double Bubble serves up the most delicious breakfast surprise. Gina (Fiona Tong) and Lois (Dee Sadler) have unspoken history surrounding Lois’s ex-boyfriend Bruno, whom Gina enticed away from her. Gina is surprised when Lois agrees to meet for coffee and hopes they can rekindle their friendship. This appears to be possible well on the surface perhaps. However, Lois’s revenge has been premeditated and calculated leaving Gina astounded, abandoned and bewildered.

Each of the three short plays follows similar themes dealing with broken relationships of various degrees. Gardening Leave watches middle-aged, Bob (Stephen Omar) struggle to come to terms with losing his well-paid position and finds himself now living off his high flying wife Fiona ( Dee Sadler) and desperately attempting to build his life back to where he formerly was using his wife contacts to achieve this. Titus Returns introduces the separating couple Robin (Mike Duran) and Jennifer ( Fiona Tong) we join them as they are splitting their belongings before Robin finally leaves their shared flat. The only thing left that the couple appears to have left in common is their cat, Titus. So, where does the cat eventually end up?

The cast of four is part of the newly formed London based Repertory Company, Pack a Punch Players. Claiming to offer “a witty diversion” away from the stress and price hikes currently dominating many people’s lives at the moment. I agree with their statement and found myself laughing awkwardly at certain times. Although the cast performs multiple roles within the production each character is independent of the last and suspending your disbelief is easily achieved.

Director Sarah Lawrie brings Nicholas Ridley’s short plays to the stage with charm and sensitivity. Even those who have blatantly made bad life choices aren’t condemned or ridiculed, just served up some of the karma they deserve. However, Is it too late now for any of them to change? There’s only one way to find out.

Performing at The White Bear Theatre in Kennington between 7th-11th June. Please use the link below for further information.

Four Stars



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