Dirty Dancing, The Movie in Concert.

Marking the 35th anniversary of the popular iconic film Dirty Dancing written by Eleanor Bergstein which starred the late Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey. Dirty Dancing, The Movie in Concert came to the stage and is now on tour wowing audiences around the globe.

The quartet of singers accompanied by the highly accomplished band has brought the memorable music of Dirty Dancing to the front of the stage while the audience delighted in watching the digitally remastered version on the big screen at the back of the stage.

This has been my first experience of watching a film set to a live band and singers, which certainly excelled my initial expectations. I wasn’t sure how much the live music and stage lighting effects would distract me from the enjoyment of the film, but it wasn’t to be the case it evoked an engaging atmosphere. Lionsgate Entertainment has created a perfectly balanced and in sync production.

The audience is actively encouraged to sing along throughout the performance and to join in with the parts they know. However, it wasn’t the raucous audience participation I had anticipated. The tone was considerate and appreciative. Those who attended genuinely appeared to want to take pleasure in having the privilege of being able to watch the film on the big screen once again.

One thing is for sure this production has left a lasting positive impression and we all had the “Time of our Lives” tonight as we revisited Dirty Dancing and enjoyed the accompanying music dialogue. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend anyone to go and watch this production especially if you are a fan of the original film.

For further details of the ongoing worldwide tour dates, ticket bookings and future performances taking place at Hammersmith Apollo please use the links provided below.

Four Stars




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