Birdwatching by Anarchy Productions.

Watching live-streamed performances are never the same as attending in person. Due to a trapped sciatic nerve that wasn’t possible this weekend and I agreed to review Birdwatching in this format instead. Running as part of the London Horror Festival and debuting at The Space.

Birdwatching by Anarchy Productions begins in the middle of a secluded forest as the crew Harris (Alfie Noble), Amy (Karen Barredo) and Pete (Arno van Zelst) are settling up ready to film a horror story. Similarities to The Blair Witch Project are inevitable as would all performances in this style will be linked to the iconic forest horror.

Suspending your disbelief to imagine that the stage became a frozen forest landscape was helped by the actors frequently referring to the cold and rubbing their arms. Along with their evening discussions over the electric fire not working and all rushing to get into their sleeping bags to warm up.

Insanity and irrational fears take over as the cold bites harder into the core of the three actors/filmmakers. Watching the cast of three going through emotional tidal waves and their moods unravel as they face their fears inside the dark forest and their deepest fears.

There are times during the performance where it felt that it became disjointed. Whether that was deliberate or my interpretation wasn’t clear. A few more stage props or the use of a filmed projection still of a forest would have enhanced the visual side of the performance. There’s much scope to develop Birdwatching into a tighter and slicker production that would have the audience gripped.

For more information about Birdwatching or Anarchy Productions use the links below.

Three Stars


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