The Legend of Sleepy Hollow by Washington Irving.

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow has been adapted for the stage by Tilted Wig Productions. Based on the American Gothic novel of the same name by Washington Irving which was first published in 1819. The company have taken the original novel and adapted it for their brand new staged version.

Ichabod Crane (Sam Jackson) arrives at Sleepy Hollow by horse-drawn cart. The stagecoach driver tries to persuade him not to stay there as rumours are rife about the deathly headless horseman who rumoured to haunt the glen with catastrophic consequences to those who have encountered him. Undeterred Crane arrives and attempts to settle into the peculiar world of Sleepy Hollow.

Coronation Street star Wendi Peters in the role of Widow Mariette Papenfuss delivers a sinister performance world away from Cilla Battersby. At first, welcoming Crane into her home under the guise of “wanting to look after him” her true intentions unfold with sinister consequences.

Rose Quentin gives an outstanding performance in the role of Katrina Van Tassel, the new Sleepy Hollow resident Cranes love interest. Her sweet and kind persona is one to watch as Katrina’s true colours slowly develop and Crane learns the truth.

Creative producer and co-founder of Tilted Wig Katherine Senior and Matthew Parish (Producer) have bought to stage an atmospheric, dark and supernatural adaptation of Sleepy Hollow. Especially the recreation of the lifesize headless horseman who canters onto the stage. A superb credit to the nineteenth-century gothic novel.

Proud Member of the magic circle, Filipe J Carvalho combines his knowledge from the world of magic and his vast array of theatre skills to create the haunting atmosphere and special effects to bring the story to life and is continuing to make audiences jump. As the family next to me did on several occasions.

Tilted Wigs Sleepy Hollow adaptation comes highly recommended. With a strong cast and an incredible stage and effects, the true horror of this gothic novel is one not to be missed. Check out the links below for further information on the company and this production.

Five Stars.


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