A Dog’s Solution written by Dr Who star Richard Kimber Franklin.

When it comes to major global problems can they actually be resolved within an hours performance? Could mans best friend have the answers? Perhaps in “A Dog’s Solution” some of these important questions will finally be answered.

Beyonce introduces herself as she opens the play. Explaining how and why she is now living on the streets. A series of unfortunate events along with her Mum’s lecherous new boyfriend left her with little choice but to leave the extremely overcrowded two-bedroom flat which the family of seven shared.

As the interval comes to an end the meeting of minds come together in the shape of the newly formed “World Government” due to the questions raised come from the audience each show will be slightly different although common world problems are likely to be repeated for example global warming, hunger and overpopulation.

A host of characters appear throughout the performance. Mainly in the guise of members of the public busily walking past on their way to work. All of which stop either to create a diversion or chat on the phone. However, due to being a short play some are left undeveloped and left me wondering what they were doing in the play.

The overall message and ideas to debate and discuss world global problems in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic are worthwhile and worthy of debate. Although sadly the message within the hour-long performance gets lost along the way and apart from raising some good ideas, nothing takes place.

With some work and tightening up of the script and possibly fewer characters, there is a great idea waiting to come out inside the play although it’s all rather confusing and the dialogue isn’t always clear as the play stands at the moment.

Three Stars.



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