Plasters by Emma Tadmor.

Do we ever understand the real definition behind “the true meaning of love”? On stage couple, Andrea and Chris discuss in-depth whether love is real and its meaning to each of them. By Andrea (Emma Tadmor) declaring that she believes”it’s not real” sees Chris (Julian Chesshire), her boyfriend recoiling and asking “how can you love me…?”

The title Plasters is an interesting choice as the conversations between thw two characters appear to take on that role throughout. Plastering the messy “bits” and damaged emotions over with temporary discussions without ever seeing whether the wound underneath has healed.

Switching between the actor’s couple status on and off the stage brings another dimension to the production. Which allows the audience to follow two conflicting relationships. The play is slightly disjointed in places though which suggests to me that Tadmor’s characters suffered from some memory “patches” as she was attempting to make sense of where the couple were heading and what had taken place in the past.

However, I found myself hoping for some clarity into the details between Tessa and Sebastian’s off-stage relationship. Although from the disjointed conversations I am not sure they were very clear on their relationship direction either, which at the end of many relationships becomes the default position.

The writing shows much depth into relationship break ups and how “we” see love. Emma Tadmor delivers a moving and heartfelt performance. Especially in the final monologue.

If you are looking for an interesting and heartfelt production then plasters is one to try and fit into the schedule.

Four Stars

Playing at the Space Triplex 6th-21st August at 6.15 pm.

PLASTERS Debuts at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival


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