Eric Davidson-Thunderjab 3.

Eric Davidson certainly has a few (well quite alot) of choice words for anyone who is against having the covid jab. Along with his satirical ridicule on familiar faces like Matt Hancock, Boris, Jacob Rees-Mogg along with quite a few other well-known people including Joanna Lumley.

The very accomplished ukulele player sets his satirical poetry to music. With quick-witted quips and topical jibes at those who are “supposedly in charge” of guiding us through the pandemic. Davidson had the audience laughing and murmuring in agreement during most of the performance.

Davidson goes onto explain that the last year in politics has certainly been “the gift that keeps on giving” and he superbly does justice to this wealth of comedy gold and using it to his advantage and who can blame him with all the antics that have taken place.

I defy anyone not to find at least one of Davidson’s songs funny as he entertains the audience with cleverly crafted lyrics where some have been set to well-known songs. I had no idea what to expect when I went into the show and to come out laughing was a great finish to my first day.

If you are looking to end the day with an abundance of laughter then definitely go and check out Eric Davidson in Thunderjab 3 at the Bevan Theatre theSpace@Surgeons’Hall.


Four Stars.


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