Charlotte Bronte Snares the Suitor

Charlotte (Sarah Archer) and Anne Bronte (Emma Hopkins) are the last of the six Bronte siblings left alive. Anne’s health is deteriorating fast as the cough that took away Emily and Bramwell has now set in for her. Tabby (Julia Munrow) the long standing housekeeper at the Bronte household and Charlotte’s perspective suitor Arthur Nicholls (Stu Jackson) make up the cast of four in this production.

Sibling rivalry, snobbery, dark family secrets which should never be spoken about and a potential suitor. Doesn’t this sound like the plotline from one of the Bronte sister’s novel? Well, in fact, it is the theme of the conversation taking place between the two remaining sisters’ life as they discuss in a frank and honest manner life up to this point for the Bronte family. We only have the history books left to know whether these facts are accurate or not.

Writer and director Joan Greening places Charlotte Bronte at the head of the family and the central character in this production. Charlotte’s air of superiority and snobbery surrounding her own novels and social standing are repeated and she is often reiterating to Anne where her lower-class position lies within their family.

I was extremely impressed with the décor of the house in which the scenes were filmed. They were designed to look as authentic as possible. Considering this production was filmed during lockdown with limited resources they have done very well.

Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights battle for pole position in this production. Anne’s brave suggestion that Emily’s novel was the most popular of the two is vehemently denied by Charlotte, who believes Jane Eyre is the only book worthy of reading. 

Personally, Wuthering Heights will always be my favourite novel out of the two.

Check out the link below to find out more about this company or watch it at Brighton Fringe online.

Four Stars

Charlotte Brontë Snares the Suitor | Brighton Fringe
Charlotte Brontë Snares the Suitor | Brighton FringeA comedy that tells the story of Charlotte Brontë’s romance with Arthur Bell Nicholls. Charlotte has refused Art…

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