Public Domain.

Written and performed by Francesca Forristal and Jordan Paul Clarke, Public Domain is now making its first appearance on the West End stage in the Vaudeville Theatre. After a successful digital debut run at the Southwark Playhouse in January 2021 audiences can experience the live version of this production. The intimacy of the smaller West End venue allows the audience a closer view into the world of the Zuckerbergs and social media.

Millie (Francesca Forristal) and Z (Jordan Paul Clarke) give an energetic and informative performance into the behing the screen side of social media through fast paced musical upbeat lyrics with a far less uobeat storyline.

Billed as a musical comedy Public Domain takes you on a fast track journey through social media platforms in the guise of two social media influencers. Followers and popularity has become their existence. The next connection and follower becomes an absession. However, through listening to Z repeat time and again “lonliness” the reality of the influenecer world is far from fulfilling.

We are given an verbatim dialogue from various vloggers, influencers and other users from social media platforns. Some names have been changed to allow them anaonymity.

Accused of fraudently exploiting personal data Mark Zuckerberg stood trial in 2018. Forristal and Clarke give an honest and accurate discussion using footage from the trial. The entertaining delivery of this extremly informative piece of recent history. The way in which he has treated employees was an uncomfortable eye-opener.

Although there are many negative sides to social media, the perspective from an older generation highlighted the positives where a couple of people over one hundred used the social media platforms to stay connected to the world and without it would have been lonely and isolsted.

The two interactive booths set either side of the stage for Z and Millie to use as their influencer platforms were brilliant. The flashing emojis and instant “likes” appearing as they interacted with their online audiences gave an insight into the faceless world that this medium

Director/pproducer Adam Lenson has bought to life A modern musical which carries a stark “health warning” to those in society who believe that they are free using the platform of social media to fulfill their lives. It is time to wake up and listen to the birds.

For more information or to buy tickets please use the link below. The musical runs from 27th-30th May 2021.

Five stars.

PUBLIC DOMAIN – Nimax Theatres


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