A Blue Something by Two Flats Theatre

The Space Theatre in London Docklands hosts the YouTube live-streamed version of A Blue Something written and co-directed by Magali Jeger. The new inventive theatre company Two Flats Theatre has been formed by a group of East 15 graduates who have been in a social bubble to allow themselves the space to be creative and produce work.

Chris(David Westgate), Lucy(Ronja Ritter) Hervey(Felix Ryder) and Mandy(Gemma Ortega). Are the four cast members on stage who entwine within one another throughout the performance.

Billed as “a poetic, elegant play that gives you plenty of space for interpretation and reflection” this quote on their website along with the line from the performance that “life is an illusion” appears to take a postmodernist approach. Where they allow the audience to decide what “The Blue Something” is. Which I understood to be something different for each character. Inevitably this will be different to each audience member too.

There are a few gaps in this production at times and it felt slightly disjointed in some areas. Whether this is due to the production still being a work in progress or the co-directors Jeger and Monika Matošević are allowing the audience to fill in the gaps I am not completely sure. Overall it’s an interesting performance where you as the audience decide how much you would like to take from watching The Blue Something.

As I understand the Theatre company are planning on taking this production onto the stage in front of a live audience once the current restrictions are lifted. It is one of those atmospheric performances that the audience will benefit from seeing live. The feelings from the characters will translate across in an auditorium that I felt was lacking from watching it on a screen.

The 60-minute production runs from this evening 30th March 2021 to the 1st April 2021. Check out their website link underneath for ticket details and more information on this very talented up and coming theatre company.


The Space HOME


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