Metamorphosis based on the novella by Franz Kafka.

Tower Theatre in Stoke Newington, London presents Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka from their Virtual Tower productions. This particular zoom adaptation has been created by Angharad Ormond, Ian Hoare and Paul Graves

Gregor (Paul Graves) a high flying salesman who has been providing for his family. Wakes up to discover he has metamorphosed into an insect. The audience never sees this transformation. However, by his family and Manager’s reaction (John Chapman) we know he has changed into something grossly disfigured from his original human form.

Greta (Arabella Hornby) plays his dedicated sister who remains in contact with Gregor via video call and ensures he has his favourite food delivered to his flat in an attempt to make sure that he continues to eats. While his Father (Richard Kirby) and Mother (Lucy Moss) fall apart in despair as they realise financially life is going to change forever.

Using the zoom platform for this particular thirty-minute novella works perfectly as the audience never seeing the metamorphism of Gregor, doesn’t take anything away from the image one can form about how he now looks. The sound effects of extremely high pitched buzzing enables you to use your imagination and fill in the missing images.

Narrated by Ian Hoare we hear Gregor’s inner thoughts of confusion as he comes to terms with what has taken place and equally the frustration as he attempts to communicate with his family who no longer has any idea about what he is saying.

I can highly recommend taking thirty minutes out of your day to watch Metamorphosis and see for yourself how it has been brilliantly adapted to be seen on the frequently used zoom platform. The YouTube link is available below.


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