Potted Panto at The Garrick Theatre.

Potted Panto Garrick Theatre CREDIT Geraint Lewis

Daniel Clarkson and Jefferson Turner are lucky to return to the stage this year after an extremely turbulent time where COVID-19 has closed every Theatre. Leaving the traditional seasonal Pantomime in jeopardy and many up and down the country cancelled.

What happens when you can’t decide which one of your favourite six pantomimes to perform? From Jack and the Beanstalk to Sleeping Beauty short sections from each one have been extracted to create a fun-filled 70-minute production.

With a variety of Pantomime Dames, Baddies, Prince’s, a fairy or two and Dick Whittington aka Boris all appearing on the stage. Clarkson and Turner are the perfect double-act to entertain the whole family this year in London’s West End at The Garrick Theatre. Just watch out for the rogue flying baked beans which may or may not make an appearance.

Potted Panto Garrick Theatre CREDIT Geraint Lewis

The cast make references to social bubbles and many other of the pandemic rules in place which at any other time would appear an alien concept yet bought many laughs from the audience.

Charlotte Payne and Jacob Jackson join Turner and Clarkson when required on a couple of occasions in the form of additional characters and helped rally the audience sing along in the final scene.

If you ever wondered what would happen if the Charles Dickens classic novel A Christmas Carol met Aladdin then your questions can be answered here. After all, it’s such an obvious match to have made!

Potted Panto Garrick Theatre CREDIT Geraint Lewis

Director Richard Hurst has bought the audiences Potted Panto a fantastic way to brighten up the end of an extremely bleak theatre year. I can’t remember laughing as much throughout an entire theatre performance in a very long time. Don’t just take my word for it take the family along and let the cast magic you away for 70-minutes to various Pantomime lands.

Five Stars



Garrick Theatre
2 Charing Cross Road
London WC2H 0HH

Saturday 5 December 2020
to Sunday 10 January 2021

Duration: 70 minutes no interval

Age recommendation: 6+

Tickets: from £20.00
Family ticket £70.00 for 4

Box office: 0330 333 4811


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