Globaleyes by Chickenshed.

First performed in 2013 Globaleyes is the latest production by Chickenshed to be released onto their YouTube channel during the COVID-19 lockdown.

Globaleyes uses dance theatre to highlight and tell the of abuse seen through the rise of globalisation and greed while it is systematically destroying the world’s natural beauty as more areas are redeveloped or built. How much value is actually put on “stuff” always at the cost of what we are surrounded by and can choose to access for free, for example heath lands, parks and nature reserves.

Watching a strong, powerful storyline such as Globaleyes challenges the audience to question their own way of life and how much are they consumed by greed or consumerism. Perhaps taking away with your ideas and thoughts about how to change parts of your own life to be more in tune with the world around you.

Although this particular production was never filmed for public release and isn’t a particularly high-resolution copy. The energy and passion from the entire cast is as ever superb. The message of greed and consumeism is delivered by the cast in clear and concise performance.

One thing that has always impressed me about the Chickenshed Theatre productions is the incredible work that goes into the choreography, each cast member knows exactly what to do and when. With such a large cast in each production, it must be a huge task to undertake each time.

I urge anyone who has never seen one of their productions to take a look on their YouTube channel and see for yourself how talented this Theatre company are. As they live up to The Chickenshed motto of “Theatre Changing Lives”.


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